About Us


It all started with our founder, Anh Le, after his brand new iPhone slipped out of his hand and took a nosedive into the pavement.  

After countless hours of research, price-checking quality parts, and repairing a few phones, Anh found his calling and he's pretty good at it!  That's when Phone Repair Spot was established and it has been expanding to serve the Greater Bay Area since 2015.


Phone Repair Spot is the spot to bring your electronic devices back to life!  From shattered screens to water damage, we'll repair it.  

We've felt the same pain before and we've skimmed endless Yelp and Google reviews to find the BEST and affordable repair shop.  That's why we're here, let us earn your trust! 


We repair your devices as if it were our own.  We've all been there and Phone Repair Spot has seen it all.  A repair is only as good as the parts used and we only source high-quality parts.  That's why we stand by every repair we complete. 

Our satisfaction is seeing your face light up when you're connected to the outside world again!